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First Visit Checklist


Step 1: Online Waiver

Before participating in any activities at Steel Peak you need to complete an online Waiver. Parents or legal guardians must complete the waiver for anyone under 18 years of age. Your waiver is good for 2 years, so you don't have to worry about it every time you visit!


Step 2: Equipment

Proper footwear and comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement is all you need to get started. Climbing shoes are required for all climbing walls, and clean indoor running shoes are required for the Ninja course. Socks are recommended if you are renting shoes. Please remove rings, bracelets and watches before you begin. Lastly, it is important to stay hydrated, so a water bottle is recommended as well.
* During winter months please bring clean indoor shoes, outdoor boots/shoes are not permitted in the gym


Step 3: Go Time!

Drop-ins are always welcome, however you can enjoy express check-in by booking online. Day passes are good for the entire day including in and out privileges, please select the time you will be arriving.

First Visit Options

Jump Right In

Day Pass

Looking to jump right in? On your first visit our friendly and experienced staff will give you a brief orientation that introduces the activities and how to minimize the risks to maximize your enjoyment. They are also available if you have any questions or need any tips or tricks.


Day passes are good for the entire day including in and out privileges, please select the time you will be arriving.

Kickstart Your Climbing

She Moves

She Moves is our 1hr introductory class led by and designed for anyone who indentifies as female and is for ages 16 and up.

The She Moves Intro Class also includes a 2 week membership and rental equipment for the duration of the membership.

Facility Rules & Guidelines

  • Facility waivers must be completed before you begin your visit. Only parents and court appointed guardians can sign a waiver for participants 17 year and under.

  • All minors 16 year and under require active adult supervision and assistance from a parent or guardian. Minors should not be left at the gym unsupervised. A ratio of 1 adult to 3 minors is recommended.

  • Stay off the safety mats unless you are climbing. No walking or running on bouldering mats.

  • Climbing shoes are required for all climbing walls and clean indoors running shoes are required for the ninja warrior course.

  • Socks, bare feet, boots, and outdoor shoes are not permitted on the climbing walls and ninja course.

  • There is no running, screaming or aggressive behavior at the gym.

  • Be respectful of our space & be considerate of others.

  • When in doubt, ask!

Ninja Warrior Course Closures

The Ninja Course is unavailable during our Ninja Warrior classes. These currently run Monday-Thursday from 5:00pm to 7:45pm.


On Saturdays and Sundays we sometimes have private events on the Ninja Course between 10am and 6pm. During these events the course may be closed for approximately 45 minutes, however the rest of the gym will be available. Call ahead to confirm availability.

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