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Canadian Ninja League - Stage 1 Qualifier
April 15/16

All ages & Abilities

Join us for Vaughan's first ever Canadian Ninja League competition! At Steel Peak, we share in the Canadian Ninja League's vision to build a strong Canadian Ninja Community by providing opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to participate in the sport of Ninja Warrior. With 8 different divisions ranging from Ages 6-8 up to 40+, there is something for everyone.

Beginner Friendly

The Ninja Warrior community is the most friendly, passionate, and supportive community around. Whether it's training, a local competition, or the national finals, Ninjas cheer one another on, provide support, and celebrate each others successes. Stage 1 is the starting point for all Ninjas, and there's no better time or place to jump in on the action!

Competition Format

Balance, Strength, Agility, Endurance...

Multi-Course Event

Ninjas will have their abilities tested against two different courses in this multi-course event. Both courses will test a variety of skills, so don't rely on pure brawn to pull you through!

One point is scored for each obstacle that is successfully cleared within the time limit. If you fail an obstacle your run is not over, you simply move on to the next obstacle and keep going. This gives every ninja the opportunity to do their best within the time limit.

For full details, please read the official CNL Rulebook.




Step 1: Register with Ninjaworks

Before participating in any Ninja competitions you will need to register for a free NinjaWorks ID. This ID is used to track your competition results, leaderboard points, and qualifications to higher levels of competition throughout the season.


Step 2: Register with CNL (Optional)

Registration with the Canadian Ninja League is encouraged, but is not required to compete in this competition. A CNL Season 4 membership must be purchased prior to the competition in order to qualify for Stage 2 competitions and progress to the national finals.


Step 3: Register for the event

All ready to go? Register online for the competition to secure your spot. If this is your first visit to Steel Peak you will also need to complete an online waiver.

Early Bird Special: $65 + tax until March 15th

Tentative Schedule

The schedule is subject to change prior to the competition based on the number and distribution of athletes. ​A final schedule and run order will be provided on Tuesday April 11th.

Saturday April 15

Ages 6-8

8:00-8:30AM - Check In

8:30-9:00AM - Course Walkthroughs

9:00AM - Course Runs

11:00AM - Podiums

Ages 9-10

12:15-12:45PM - Check In

12:45-1:15PM - Course Walkthroughs

1:15PM - Course Runs

3:30PM - Podiums

Ages 15-17, Amateurs, Pros

5:00-5:30PM - Check In

5:30-6:00PM - Course Walkthroughs

6:00PM - Course Runs

7:30pm - Podiums

Sunday April 16

Ages 13-14 and Masters (40+)

8:00-8:30AM - Check In

8:30-9:00AM - Course Walkthroughs

9:00AM - Course Runs

11:15AM - Podiums

Ages 11-12

12:45-1:15PM - Check In

1:15-1:45PM - Course Walkthroughs

1:45PM - Course Runs

4:00PM - Podiums

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