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Birthday Parties at Steel Peak

Our birthday parties are one of a kind! This 2hr guided experience is a mix of rock climbing on the autobelay stations and ninja warrior. It is a great introduction to what Steel Peak has to offer to ensure your kids will have a party to remember!


Celebrate with us!

What is included in the party package

Our birthday parties start at $389+tax for up to 8 participants and we can accommodate a maximum of 16 participants. The birthday party package includes the party room for the full 2 hours. The party begins with 45 minutes of guided rock climbing with harnesses on our autobelay stations, a 30 minute refreshment break in the party room and the final 45 minutes is on the ninja warrior course. The harnessed rock climbing and ninja course will be closed to the public while your group is doing those activities. Rock climbing shoes and chalk are not provided for birthday parties and are not required. Rock climbing harnesses are included in the birthday party package. We ask that all participants bring clean indoor running shoes with socks for the climbing and ninja. We recommend participants be 5+ years of age.

Is food included?

Food is not included in the base price of the birthday party. You are welcome to bring outside food, we recommend light snacks and refreshments since this is a highly active birthday party. For your convenience we have partnered with a local pizza shop. Any pizza and sides ordered when you book your party will automatically be delivered on time, and delivery + tip is included!

What do I bring?

Freestanding decorations like balloon displays, as well as themed table clothes and cutlery are welcome. Decorations may not be taped to the walls. Please have all participants wear comfortable athletic clothing and bring clean indoor running shoes with socks.

Can I come early to set up?

We typically have the party room cleaned and ready for you 15 minutes before the start of your party. The party room break is 45 minutes into the party, so this gives you 1 hour to have everything ready.

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