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Terms & Conditions


To participate in any activity at Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja, all participants are required to complete a waiver acknowledging that they are aware of and accept the risks associated with the activities we offer.


Participants 17 and Under

For visitors ages 17 and under, waiver forms must be completed by the minor’s parent or court-appointed legal guardian, without exemption. Relatives, older siblings, friends, group leaders, teachers and others will not be accepted. The submission of waivers by a minor is considered fraudulent. Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja does not take responsibility for fraudulent forms. Parents must be aware of activities their child is participating in and the risks involved by reading the waiver and completing the information as required.


Waivers Expire After 2 Years

Completed waiver forms will expire after 2 years from the date it is signed and submitted. If your waiver has expired, our staff will alert you during your next visit.


Activities associated or related to rock climbing, indoor rock climbing, sport climbing, top-rope climbing, lead climbing, auto-belay climbing, bouldering, ninja courses, obstacles, parkour, slacklines, high-lines, zip-lines, fitness training and all instructional and coaching sessions (hereinafter collectively known as “the Activities”) involve risks, dangers and hazards that include, but are not limited to:


  1. Injury as a result of falling; mechanical failure of the equipment; loss of balance or control; variable and difficult climbing conditions; collision with walls, the floor, climbing holds, or exposed or hidden structural supports or beams;

  2. Rope abrasion or entanglement; injuries resulting from falling climbers or fallen items; failure of ropes, slings, climbing holds, anchor points, or any part of the climbing wall;

  3. Collision with other equipment or structures; collision with other persons; illness or trauma; the proximity of medical care which may or may not be readily available;

  4. The failure to act safely or within one’s ability or to stay within designated areas; negligence of other climbers and/or other persons; and negligence on the part of Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja, or its staff, including the failure on the part of Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja or its staff to safeguard or protect individuals from the risks, danger and hazards of the activities.​


  • Consumption of alcohol, cannabis or any other substance which would impair one’s senses or judgement before or while using the facilities of Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja is strictly prohibited.

  • All minors 16 years and under must be actively supervised by an adult at all times. 

  • Please respect the space, there is no running off the ninja course, screaming, rough play or aggressive behavior allowed at Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja.

  • Top-rope climbing, lead climbing, auto-belay climbing and/or bouldering on any climbing wall and/or bouldering wall is not permitted until a participant has completed the pre-requisite top-rope belay test, lead test, auto-belay orientation and/or bouldering orientation.

  • Participants must tie directly into the climbing harness when engaging in top-roping or lead climbing with a figure-8 follow-through knot and a double fisherman's keeper knot only. All top-rope and lead climbing must be performed using a GriGri and locking carabiner and only by special arrangement. 

  • Participants will only belay when knowledgeable and experienced at belaying. Lead climbing or belaying lead climbers is only permitted once certified by Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja and only by special arrangement. Lead climbers must clip each bolt in sequence on all routes. Lead climbers will provide their dynamic climbing rope, GriGri belay device and locking carabiner and assume full responsibility for the safety and integrity of their gear. Said gear is subject to approval by Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja staff and may be deemed unfit for use if questionable wear is visible. Top-rope climbers and Lead climbers must not exceed the weight of the belayer by a factor of 1.35. Weight differences exceeding this factor are deemed unpredictable and unsafe.

  • Formal or informal teaching or coaching of individuals or groups, including but not limited to top-rope belaying, lead belaying, technical skills or exercises may only be performed by Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja staff, except by special arrangement. In such an event, Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja assumes no responsibility for lessons taught by others. Instruction by non-Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja staff is not permitted on the premises, which includes inside or outside the building in the parking lot.

  • Participants understand that climbing and ninja privileges will be revoked if engaging in any activity is deemed unsafe by the staff and places others or themselves at risk of injury.

  • All participants are asked to promptly report any equipment defects, unsafe situations, or accidents to staff.



Participants must complete a bouldering orientation before climbing. All visitors must stay off the bouldering safety mats at all times. Do not walk, run, or sit on the safety mats, they are considered a fall zone.

Please be aware of your surroundings and do not walk under climbers on the wall.

Participants must complete an autobelay orientation before using an autobelay. Please follow the guidelines and rules mounted on each autobelay station to reduce the chance of user error which can lead to injury. Climbing privileges will be revoked if the participant engages in an activity that is deemed unsafe or places themeselves and others at risk of injury, or is unable to demostrate adequate skill to clip in and out of the autobelay. 

​Participants must complete a ninja course orientation before entering the course. Participants must read the ninja warrior safety guidelines before entering the course. Participants must share the course and give each other space to clear the obstacles. Participants 12 and under must be actively supervised and supported by adult. Do not throw obstacles.


All bookings require full payment in order to secure the booking. This includes, but is not limited to; birthday parties, camps, youth and adult programs, and other group offerings. Deposits may be offered on a case by case basis with approval from Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja. Prior to booking please ensure your ability to commit to a booking.

Youth pricing is only applicable to those that are 22 years old and under. Vaild photo ID may be required. 

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early for your booking. To speed up check-in please complete your waiver in advance and submit it electronically. Late arrivals will delay the start of your event and we may not be able to accommodate time extensions.


Our guiding principal is that we want you to receive value for your money. We have a variety of offerings available to suit different lifestyles and levels of interest. If something unexpected comes up we can work with you to convert your unused membership or booking into something that fits your schedule, or transfer it to a friend or family member.

Refunds on Retail

All retail items are final sale. If something is defective we will gladly exchange it for a different product. If clothing doesn't fit right, we can exchange it for another size provided the original purchase is in good enough condition to be resold.

Refunds on Classes, Camps, Drop in Bookings and Birthday Parties

Space in our classes, camps, and birthday parties is limited and require full payment to secure the booking. Like a concert ticket, we reserve a spot for you when you register, and once the class or time slot is full we need to turn away other people who are interested. Before booking, please make sure you can commit to it. That said, life is full of surprises and we know that things can change at the last minute. 

All, drop-in, class, camp, and birthday party bookings are non-refundable, but we can move your booking to another time that works for you. We can also apply a credit to your account that can be used for anything at the gym.

Please ensure you can commit to the full length of a
 program and the full week of camp before you register, any missed classes or day of camp are non-refundable and no credit will be applied. We do not offer make-up classes for our programs.

Refunds on Prepaid Memberships​

Prepaid memberships are great if you know you can commit for a set number of months. The more months you purchase at once, the more discounted the membership is. Prepaid memberships are final sale, but we can work with you to find a solution if your prepaid membership doesn't make sense for you anymore.


If you can't visit regularly anymore, we can transfer the remaining membership time to a friend or family member, or we can convert your remaining time into punch passes that don't expire, and you can use for yourself or others. Freezes are only available in the event of injury, and a note from your healthcare professional may be required. Our 3 month memberships are partially discounted, and our annual memberships are heavily discounted because they consider that you will miss some days for travel, vacation, illness, etc.

Refunds on Punch Passes

Punch passes offer a substantial discount by prepaying for multiple day passes and are final sale. If you don't think you can commit to using all of your punches, please purchase day passes instead. Punches can be shared with friends and family, and transferred to someone else if you are moving. They also never expire, so you will eventually have a chance to use them.

Refunds on EFT Memberships

EFT Memberships require an up front commitment of the rest of the current month and 2 additional months. If something comes up during the prepaid period of time we can convert your EFT membership to a prepaid membership and the policies for refunds on prepaid memberships apply.


After the prepaid period you can set your EFT membership to end on the last day of the current month by filling out a membership change request on our website. You will still have access to the gym until the end of the current month. Our billing cycle is monthly, and no partial refunds or credits are available for partial months.




Punch passes and prepaid memberships can be transferred to friends or family in the event you can't make use of them anymore.

Youth Price
Youth pricing is only applicable to those that are 22 years old and under. Vaild photo ID may be required. 

Freezes on Prepaid Memberships

Membership freezes are available for pre-paid memberships due to injury or other special circumstances that require time away. A doctors note from your medical professional may be required.

EFT Memberships

EFT Memberships will continue automatically until cancelled with billing on the 1st of every month. Please complete a cancellation request 7 days before the end of the month if you would like to cancel your membership. We want you to get value for what you pay, and don't charge freeze fees or late fees. Freezing is complimentary in the event of injury, just show us a note from your medical professional and we will freeze your membership for up to 6 months. For other cases like extended travel, please cancel your membership and start it again when you are able to come regularly. Your starting price is locked in and isn't subject to price increases for at least one year. Youth EFT memberships will be adjusted to the adult rate once you turn 23yr. We will warn you when your card is close to expiring, and if payment is declined we will let you know on the 1st of the month so you can update your billing information. If payment still hasn't been made by the 8th of the month your membership may be terminated.

Rental Memberships

Rental equipment is for your own personal use only and cannot be shared or transferred to others.

Complimentary Guest Passes

As a perk to your membership, active members receive one complimentary guest pass per month to bring a friend or family member to the gym who has never visited before.

  • Guest passes do not include rental equipment or lessons.

  • Guest passes are complimentary and have no monetary value for exchange or refund.

  • Guest passes renew on the 1st of each month, unused passes do not carry over.

  • Guest passes may only be used on individuals who have never visited the gym before.



Code of Conduct

Please be respectful of others, Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja is a training facility, and while we do welcome day visits and children, we are not an indoor playground. Please be considerate of others using the space.


Shoes & Shirt Policy

All visitors are required to maintain attire that is hygienic and family friendly.  Shirt-less and shoe-less climbing is not permitted, both for the comfort of others and to keep our fabric mats clean. Please maintain respectable attire that will still allow you to move with comfort while participating in our activities. Rock climbing shoes are required on all climbing walls and clean indoor running shoes are required to use the ninja warrior course. 


Photo Usage

Photos taken within Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja may be used for advertising, promotion, marketing or social media purposes. Identity or personal information will not be made publicly available unless expressed permission has been granted.


Pricing Policy

Pricing is subject to change without notice. All published prices are subject to HST unless stated otherwise.


Lost and Found

Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings. We have lockers available in the bathrooms, please bring your own lock. Lost and found items will be recycled, donated or disposed of if left unclaimed for 30 days.


Miss-prints or Errors

This website was conceived, designed and modified by humans. We do our absolute best to ensure clear and accurate information. If you notice errors on our website, please contact us to clarify the information so we can make corrections or adjustments right away. We appreciate your feedback!


Changes to this agreement

Steel Peak Climbing & Ninja may, in its sole discretion, modify this agreement without notice.


Please contact us if you have any question.

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