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About Climbing

Climbing is an exciting and social way to get in shape. It is a fun alternative to traditional gyms, a great activity to do with friends, and if you are so inclined, a fantastic way to test your abilities and push them to their absolute limits.


Every climb is unique and will challenge your body. We assign a difficulty to each climb in the gym so that you can easily identify appropriate climbs. Before you know it, you will be climbing through the difficulties as your confidence, endurance, strength, flexibility, and technique improve.


Never climbed before? Steel Peak is the perfect place to start with our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Our bouldering section features 2 massive islands and a wall, each with their own unique angles and challenges ranging from easy to extreme. We also have 5 auto belay stations which are 23 ft high so you can try route climbing without the need for a partner.


March Programs 
Now Available

Our March rock climbing programs are now open for registration. Classes are available for ages 4-14yr and come with a complimentary membership and rental equipment for the duration of the program.

Climbing Equipment

Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes feature a hard rubber bottom and a defined toe. This helps you trust your feet on the wall. Climbing shoes are required for all climbing surfaces. We have shoes available to rent, please bring socks if you are renting shoes.


For our taller walls, a harness is worn around your waist and is attached to the Auto Belay at the top of the wall. The Auto Belay automatically engages and lowers you to the ground slowly for a comfortable landing.


We recommend light clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict your movement. Please do not wear jewelry on your hands or wrist while climbing.

Climbing Rules & Guidelines

  • A bouldering and/or autobelay orientation must be completed before climbing.

  • All minors 16 year and under require active adult supervision and assistance from a parent or guardian.

  • Stay off the safety mats unless you are climbing. No walking or running on bouldering mats.

  • Climbing shoes are required for all climbing walls.

  • Socks, bare feet, boots, and outdoor shoes are not permitted on the climbing walls.

  • Be respectful of our space & be considerate of others.

  • When in doubt, ask!

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