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About Ninja Warrior

The ninja warrior course is not a playground, it is a training structure. Ninja Warrior is a sport that involves understanding movement with your entire body. Athletes combine balance, agility, strength and coordination in order to overcome obstacles in various forms. Each segment of our course will challenge you to reach a platform without touching the ground. Remember - the obstacles are not blocking your path, they are the way! At the end of the course challenge yourself to "BEAT THAT WALL"!  Give it your all and try to clear our 10 or 13ft warped walls.

Haven't tried Ninja before? Steel Peak is the perfect place to start with our knowledgeable and experienced staff here to support your Ninja journey. 

March Programs
Now Available

Our March ninja warrior programs are now open for registration. Classes are available for ages 4-14yr and come with a complimentary membership and rental equipment for the duration of the program.


Ninja Programs

Rising Ninja

Our "Rising Ninja" youth classes develop balance, agility, strength and coordination with new obstacles to conquer each week. Coaches adjust the challenge for individual ninjas so everyone pushes their own limits. Registration includes a complimentary membership and rental equipment for the duration of the program.

Advanced Program

Our advanced program is for Ninjas who have mastered the basics and are looking to push their abilities to the next level. This class caters to those who are looking to get into competitive ninja, as well as those who want to push themselves for the health and developmental benefits.

Tryouts: TDB

Competitive Team

Our competition team competes in the Canadian Ninja League. We attend monthly competitions, and team members compete not just in the national finals, but in the world championships as well! Our team is invite only, and ninjas are scouted from our other ninja programs.

Ninja Equipment

Grippy Shoes

Clean indoor running shoes with socks is all you need on your feet. We recommend a rubber sole over a memory foam sole for better performance.


A water bottle is recommend so that you stay hydrated throughout your session.


We recommend light clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict your movement. Please remove all jewelry on your hands and wrists before you begin.

Ninja Rules & Guidelines

  • You must complete a ninja orientation before entering the course.

  • All minors 16 year and under require active adult supervision and support from a parent or guardian.

  • Clean indoors running shoes are required for the ninja warrior course.

  • Socks, bare feet, boots, and outdoor shoes are not permitted on the ninja course.

  • Do not slide down the warped wall. Climb down the ladder on the right hand side after topping out. Do not climb up the ladder.

  • Be respectful of the equipment, throwing obstacles is not permitted.

  • There is no rough and aggressive behaviour allowed.

  • Be respectful of others around you, there is no running or screaming.

  • When in doubt, ask!

Ninja Warrior Course Closures

The Ninja Course is unavailable during our Ninja Warrior classes. These currently run Mondays from 5pm - 7:45pm and Thursdays from 6:15pm to 8:15pm.


On Saturdays and Sundays we often have private events on the Ninja Course between 10am and 6pm. During these events the course may be closed for approximately 45 minutes, however the rest of the gym will be available. Call ahead to confirm availability.

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