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3yr Birthday Celebration!

Friday July 12th 5pm to 11pm

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We are turning 3!

Come celebrate Steel Peak's 3rd Birthday on Friday July 12th from 5pm to 11pm with comps, prizes, vendors, cake, snacks, boardgames and more!
The gym will be open for drop-in visits however certain areas of the gym will be reserved for the competitions. Please call ahead to confirm availability. 

Bouldering Scramble Competition

This community oriented scramble competition is for climbers of all ages and abilities. Entry is $10 with $5 going to support Daily Bread food bank, day rates will apply. Prizes are available for top 2 in male, female and everyone category.

Head to Head Ninja Competition

Go head to head against other members of the community on the ninja course!  Entry is $10 with $5 going to support Daily Bread food bank, day rates will apply. Prizes are available for the top 3 in recreation and top 3 in competitive ninja category.

All participants in the Scramble and/or Head to Head Ninja comp will receive one entry in a raffle to win exciting prizes.

Save $5 by registering for both comps ($15 for both), and *TRIPLE *your chance to win the raffle grand prize!


Bouldering Scramble: 5-10pm

Ninja Head to Head Comp: 7:30-9pm
Prizes: 10:30pm

The Rules

Scramble Rules:

- Climbs award points based on difficulty. More points are earned for fewer attempts
- Top 5 sends will count towards your final score
- You need a witness to sign your scorecard

Ninja Head to Head Rules:

- Race head to head against members of the community
- The obstacles start out easy and gradually get more difficult
- Whoever makes it the furthest, the fastest, wins
- Everyone gets multiple warm-up runs  before the comp begins

Rudy Rehab - Chiropractor and RMT
Have nagging pain or your body just doesn't feel right? Rudy will be providing free 15min assessments and consultations at the party. 

Misfit Ice Cream- Worldly inspired handmade small batch ice cream. 

Ninja Snack Bar - All proceeds from this snack/bake sale goes towards supporting our competitive ninja team who will compete in North Carolina for World Ninja League!

<<Active Threads>> Secondhand clothing, bags and accessories to support World Central Kitchen.

Please bring cash if you want to purchase any goods from the vendors.

Thank you to the following sponsors for their support!

Arc'teryx Vaughan Mills

Liquid I.V.
Mad Rock Climbing

Midnight Lightning
Misfit Ice Cream
Onsight Care

Rudy Rehab


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